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Services: Mobile Applications:: Blackberry SDK

BlackBerry is undoubtedly the most favorite Mobile Phone of Business professionals today. Along with its top class push-email services, most of its models are now coming as fully fledged all-in-one Mobile Phones with rich multimedia features. Demand for various applications for BlackBerry is growing rapidly across the globe. We provide solutions and services related to Blackberry app development that is streamlined and suited best for our clients based on the requirements and hence leverage on our expertise to help achieve the desired business goals.


Private Contacts Manager
 Private Contacts Manager
PvtContacts Secure your private contacts from intriguing eyes with the PvtContacts application. Use this application to secure and hide your secret contacts from individuals trying to invade your privacy by browsing through your call history, or by reading the name on the incoming SMS. Also the contacts in the PvtContacts appear partially hidden, depending upon the settings. The application also offers a simple user interface that makes it easy to manage all your private and public contacts by copying or moving contacts between the public list and private list.It provides an option for sending the sms and calling the selected contact number from the private contact list.
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