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Services: Mobile Applications

Mobile/Wireless market has seen explosive growth over the years and thus has Mobile Phone and Wireless Software development industry. Also, there has been greater competition amongst players in this space. Players today are faced with challenge of developing more and more innovative, portable and secure mobile applications. Rapidly changing face of mobile technology coupled with highly demanding end customers mandate the time-to-market of new mobile applications to be an absolute minimum.
Mobile technologies are evolving to have a common interface wherein there is a universal platform between various technologies. Over the last few years, keeping pace with the latest development, we have become a 1-stop shop for wireless application vendors offering a smooth access across various platforms.
We aim to keep abreast with the fast paced wireless industry, where technology changes occur almost every other day. Our knowledgeable experts are in a position to understand the needs of our clients and suggest them for the best platforms to take their applications to the new heights of success.
Our extensive knowledge helps us in:
Designing high performance applications to suit the wireless platforms.
Designing efficient applications to assist fast porting to various platforms/handsets.
Our team of Mobile Games Developers works with the goal of maximizing the potential for hand-held devices like smartphone, both as stand-alone and network components. Our mobile phone game development team works according to a well-planned project methodology and adhere to high standards for Mobile Application Development services. We develop gaming applications, conference room solutions, financial budgeting software, project management applications, etc for mobile devices for our global clients who depend on our resources to for their project needs.
We offer access to various Platforms and Technology which includes:


iPhone Applications:

iPhone applications development is a new and growing field. We provide overall software solutions for iPhones and ipads across the globe. We as an iphone application service provider offer latest iPhone 3GS Applications Custom Development solutions by implementing latest technologies with help of SDK.


Android Applications:

Google's Android is one of the most exciting Mobile Platforms available in the market. The beta version of the Android SDK provides access to a wide range of useful libraries and tools that can be used to build rich applications.



More than 40 percent of Mobile Phones across the globe use Symbian Platform including top brands like Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.


Blackberry SDK:

BlackBerry is undoubtedly the most favorite Mobile Phone of Business professionals today. Along with its top class push-email services, most of its models are now coming as fully fledged all-in-one Mobile Phones with rich multimedia features.


Windows Mobile:

Windows Mobile Platform is similar to the Desktop version of Microsoft Windows and provides power of MS Windows into your mobile and hence, it is very much user-friendly and popular.

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