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Verticals: Education:: Institute Administration Software

Institute Administrative Software is a complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of institute administration, college administration of an institute. Institute Administration Software, nick named "Institute Wizard", permits you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner, generating reports dynamically.



Institute Management Software empowers you to:
Manage student information efficiently.
Record student billing and payments made.
Communicate with students or parents easily.
Analyze the performance of a class as a whole through student grading software.
Trace attendance.
Manage your own security.
Maintain grades and create teacher grade book.


Module Details

Here are the module details of Institute Administration Software:


Student Profile Module
The student information module of the Institute Administration Software records and processes data of all students. It captures details regarding admissions, demographics, previous academic records, current academic choices, NOK, billing, nationality & immigration, communication etc. The application then uses this data to provide meaningful reports, replicates itself where necessary and the information is available at the touch of a button.


Institute Billing Software
The student billing software of the Institute Administration Software is completely dynamic. The user can define his own billing structure; billing heads with amount, discount heads with amount, billing cycles (monthly, quarterly or yearly). Dues and payments are automatically balanced to produce a transaction history. Payment may be accepted by cash, credit card or by check.


Institute Grading Software
The student grading software of the Institute Administration Software allows teachers to enter marks by subject, assignment, semester or a dynamic mode of their choice. These marks are automatically added, percentages computed, and 'weighted' by the application to provide dynamic grades. The data entered is used to make the final transcript/mark sheet and determines whether a student will be promoted or not. The data is also used for providing statistical reports. Management can see class performance at a glance. These 'glances' and reports warn the users of trends much before they would be evident otherwise.


Institute Attendance Software
The student attendance software of the Institute Administration Software allows teachers to record attendance by day, by period and by subject for an entire class in a short time. The records are updated dynamically. Cumulative totals are computed instantly.


Institute Management Software can communicate with a single student, all students in a class or the whole Institute through the application. The user may choose to communicate with parents.


Security of data is of paramount importance. It is an irreplaceable asset. The software has many levels of security. Firstly, the application demands that the administrator grants permissions to any user of the system. Two level securities are inherent in the application. A user may be allowed to only view or print a piece of data in a module but may not be allowed to edit it. This ensures that unauthorized persons cannot tamper with data. Secondly, even a user with permissions may not be allowed to change data after an operation like receiving payments. This guards the organization against deliberate fraud.


Integration with other Software's by Seasia Consulting

This is how Institute Management Software integrates:
The Institute Administration Software may be seamlessly integrated with other softwares to automate/computerize all aspects of the functioning of an institute, college or a school.

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