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Careers @ Seasia

In the affairs of men, there is a tide Which, if taken at the flood leads to fortune

Delay, and you are doomed to shallows and misery

Seasia offers you the tide, the prospect !!

You have to convert it into a carrier, a fortune !!

At Seasia Consulting, we seek individuals who thrive on the opportunity to think creatively and be empowered to deliver.
Seasia is an equal opportunity employer. Equality in all aspects except performance. You will be hired for your talent; you will be promoted for your performance. In Seasia, we believe “MERIT SUCCEEDS”.
Seasia defines talent as your ability to learn and your positive attitude to achieve. Performance is your determination to succeed and your willingness to give all that you have to your work. Knowledge we will provide, attitude you will have to bring your own.
Our work culture encourages open channels of communication. The culture that we have nurtured in our organization provides excellent motivation to every individual to put in his best performance.
If you want to discover your full potential and have passion about technology, we invite you to explore a career with Seasia. For any query you can contact us at


Current Openings @ Seasia are:

Total Openings
Min Exp.
Max Exp.
2 Years
5 Years
Business Development
(International Marketing)
2 Years
5 Years
1.5 Year
3 Years
Oracle (Golden Gate)
2 Years
5 Years


Common Requirement for all open positions


Master's/Bachelor's Degree in related field from a reputed university.
Excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written.
Ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
Exceptional attention to detail
Ability to work efficiently both as a member of a team and independently
Desire to work in Mohali.
Candidates from Mohali and North India will be preferred.

Jobs at Seasia Consulting.

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