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A Product of Seasia Consulting

Library Management System by Seasia Consulting is a user-driven, customizable Application Software. Primarily designed for libraries, the system's purpose is to reduce information overloaded by allowing patrons to select as little or as much information as they so desire for their personal pages.


The .Net Technology

The Library Management System is developed using .net framework, the framework that provides:
Platform independent development.
Application also compatible for PDAs, cell phones etc.
Web-based applicability.
The Technology Of future, not going to be obsolete for next few decades.


Tracking Items
This program takes a straight forward approach to track items you loan out. It keeps detailed information, the item name, copyright date, description or review if you like.
Time to Reorder
If you need to reorder, go to VENDOR DETAIL to see the name, address and phone number of the company from whom it was purchased.
The Library Management Software is built on .net technology hence provides flexibility in adding and altering any field in the software hence you can’t only keep online books but also paintings, CDs e-books or anything you can imagine.
Document & Content Management
Many portal systems incorporate content and document management, providing a way to manage documents and Web content. It can include versioning, security, metadata searching, and a host of other features.


Looking for something in specific???

You can cross reference items using topics. Need a book on parenting? Click FIND TOPIC. Need a video on selling techniques? Click FIND TOPIC. Each item can have several topics and each topic can have several items.


The Reminder List

The BROWSE LIST function allows you to quickly see who has what checked out, when it's due back, who's on the wait list and who's been losing too much stuff.

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