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Verticals: Government Solutions:: Motor Vehicles Registration and Licensing

In the United States of America, a Department of Motor Vehicles (or DMV) is a state-level government agency that administers vehicle registration and driver licensing. The name "DMV" is not used in every state or province, nor are the traditional DMV functions handled by a single agency in every state, but the generic term is universally understood, particularly in the context of driver's license issuance and renewal. Similar departments exist in all countries.
DMV is an integral part of human life and is a very important issuing authority to keep a check on the transportation industry. Being a revenue generating authority, it contributes to the state as well as national economy. Besides being the provider of services and facilities to the citizens, it also works for the Law Protection and Crime Prevention of the country. Being a State Government Authority, it has to adhere with US Federal as well as State laws. Different Nations having International highway networks with other neighboring countries, results in interaction with agencies of their respective nation's agencies which leads to the International Relations.DMV is not a standalone setup but has to interact with plenty other Third Party Agencies’ networks to provide efficient decisions and regulated results. However, biggest challenge for DMV is that most of the States have very old DMV Setup with complex inconsistent laws with respect to different states of the country.
Implementations have been done for Hewlett Packard, US for the State of Vermont, Rhode Island Michigan & Texas.
Functions developed
Vehicle Title and Registration
Operator License and Placards
Driver Improvement/Operator Control
Dealer & Transporter Roles & Plates
Commercial Vehicle Roles and Permits
Enforcement Roles and Arbitration
Driving School Roles and Regulation
Third Party Agency interfaces
Revenue Maintenance
Customer Relationship Management /Customer
  Record Maintenance

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