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Put Your School on Auto-Pilot

Let the Wizard Run Your School

School Administration Software is a complete suite of applications that empower you to automate all aspects of school management without data redundancy and proper inter module exchange. Seasia's School Management Software, nick named "School Wizard", permits you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner by integrating - Admission Management Software, Student Billing Software, Student Attendance Software, Student Grading Software, Time Table Management System, Library Management System and Staff Payroll Management System into one integrated and easy-to-use application.



School Administration Software empowers you to:
Record Application Distribution
Record Student Billing and Payments
Maintain Grades, Create Teacher Grade Book
Analyze the Performance of a class as a whole through Student Grading Software
Trace Student Attendance with Students
Attendance Software
Manage Hostel Accommodation Allotment
Communicate with Students or Parents with Ease
Manage your own Security
Compile Pre-Admission Merit List to Automate Admissions


Module Details

Here are the Module Details of School Administration Software:


Admission Management Software
The Student Information module of the School Administration Software captures data regarding admissions, demographics, previous academic records, current academic choices, Nationality and Immigration details, and much more. It makes student registration very easy. Once data has been captured, the Admission management Software uses this data to compile meaningful reports and replicates the student information wherever it is necessary. The required student information is available to the registrar at the touch of a button.


School Attendance Software
The student attendance software of the School Administration Software allows teachers to record attendance:
By day
By period and
By subject for an entire class in a short time.
It dynamically updates students' records and computes cumulative totals instantly.


School Grading Software
The Student Grading Software of the School Administration Software allows teachers to enter marks by:
or a dynamic mode of their choice
Once entered, these marks are automatically added up by the application to provide dynamic grades by percentage or GPA. This application automatically determines the final student transcript/mark sheet and whether a student will be promoted/not.


Security of data is of paramount importance. It is an irreplaceable asset. The school administration software offers a flexible and complete password protection with its two level security system.


School Billing Software
The dynamic student billing module, automates the student fee collection, fee statement generation and student fee accounting. The software permits the user to define school billing structure, billing heads and the amounts. The student billing application is capable of calculating the dues automatically. Payments received are balanced automatically and a transaction history is maintained.


Statistical Reports
School Wizard automates report generation.
View class performance at a glance
Generate reports, which will warn the user of trends much before they would be evident otherwise.
Counsel students based on pictorial mappings and student performance graphs.


Hostel Management
School Wizard empowers the user to automate Student Hostel Accommodation allotment.


The School Wizard's e-mail module has the unique feature to produce automated yet personalized letters, applications, labels and e-mails. By using this module teachers can inform the parents/guardians about their child's attendance and other important school events, all without additional work. The teacher/staff can email:
A student
All students in a class
All students in the school


Integration with other Softwares by Seasia Consulting

This is how School Administration Software integrates:
School Wizard - Silver is one of the parts of School Wizard - Enterprise Edition.
Timetable Management System
Library Management System
Payroll Management System
....are all seamlessly integrated into the Enterprise Edition.


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