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“I have been very impressed by the entire Seasia team and whole-heartedly recommend them for any project.”

Jon Clark (Project Manager, KYTC, Commonwealth of Kentucky)

“This is a great achievement that you and the entire Nebraska(Seasia) team should be very proud of. Thanks for the hard work, and congratulations on your success. Please pass along my appreciation to your team.”

Frank Chechile (VP, State and Local Government Division EDS, an HP Company)

“Please accept my heartfelt appreciation and warm regards. We continue to show steady progress in meeting MPAS-1 project expectation with improved results. We are getting better and stronger as a team. My grateful thanks to Seasia teams for your contribution and commitment.”

Joe White, PMP (Senior Director, Saber Government Solutions)

“Excellent work, all! This is indeed a great achievement, and moves us significantly down the road toward successful project completion.”

Mike Freese (Chief Operating Officer, Saber Government Solutions)

“Excellent, I am happy to use Seasia’s team Services & wish them Good Luck for future Projects. We are already in Business with Seasia Consulting for next phase.”

David (President, Home

“I would like to offer my sincere thanks, humility and appreciation for all of the hard work, dedication, and sheer endurance from all of you and all other staff of Seasia that have worked on SCORE. We received signal formal System Acceptance this morning from CDOS. SCORE has been a long and challenging process. This final milestone is something everyone involved in should be very proud of; as individuals and as a wonderfully cohesive, collaborative, evolving team.

I know it ain’t much, but…..Thank You.

Karen Gale (EDS, an HP Company, State and Local Government)

“Nice to work with Seasia. They are very professional and knowledgeable about iPhone development.”

Mukaissi (CEO, LLC)

“Seasia has worked with me closely in accomplishing my project. They have made countless revisions to meet my needs and have been responsive to all my questions. Looking forward to awarding more projects to this company. Great work!!”

Jeff Wade (Wade LLC)

“Guys, this is terrific news and couldn’t come at a better time.  Please extend my appreciation to the team and more importantly, thanks for your great leadership.  You’ve been able to accomplish a great deal despite all the challenges.  Keep up the momentum!”

Cecilia Watt, Delivery Director, Solutions, Hewlett Packard

“The maintenance team successfully upgraded the Florida EFS code with only 36 reported issues.  This is an outstanding effort!  We are very happy with the quality of that work and the team’s dedication supporting us. The .NET team has begun their work on our upgrade of the Fairfax product.  During the Requirements meetings that took place last week, our clients expressed great satisfaction with the design options provided by the team.  We look forward to continuing to work with this team.”

Kristina Adamonis, Project Manager, Child Care Management team, Hewlett Packard

“Please convey my sincere appreciation and thanks to the whole team for all the hard work.  It was very good to hear from the client that they do not have any major issues with the last two milestones.   We do have major challenges ahead of us, but I think we can meet them successfully and keep improving as we go along.  As you well know, the next challenge is meeting the December 26 deadline for the next Milestone.  Since the date is in the holiday season we will have to work towards getting the work completed and handed over to SRA well before the date.  However, I have confidence in the team that we can beat this date.   Once again, thanks!

Sanjay Gupte, Vice President, Saber Government Solutions, An EDS Company

“That’s 100% L-3 requirements passed for M4 through M9! It’s an achievement worth noting.  Good job all. Now let’s keep on trucking through Regression and Parallel testing ‘til we bring MPAS live.”

Steve Cichelli, PMP, Project Director, Maryland State Retirement Agency, EDS, An HP Company.

““I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the entire team for a continued job well done!!  Our RI DMV client has confirmed this and given us extremely positive feedback.   For those of you that don’t know, EDS puts a very high priority on ensuring client satisfaction.  The interviews for the RI Client finished up this week.  And thanks to the entire project team I am very happy to tell you that the RI DMV project rated overall Promising!!  This is incredible feedback!!  This feedback is maintained on a Service Excellence website and communicated to all levels of Senior Management of both EDS and HP.”

Debbie Proffitt, PMP, Project Manager, EDS, an HP Company

“Great Work Iphone Team”   “The .Net team at Seasia has a thorough professional approach to their work. They have solid technical skills to undertake any complex project. Thanks for the good work guys!”   “Seasia’s design team is very creative and efficient. The team understood the ideas and concepts very well and could translate those into the desired design very quickly.”   “Delighted to have the Seasia’s Iphone team to work on one of my projects. Very capable and committed team. Will definitely hire for future projects. Like to see our relationship with Seasia growing stronger and deepening.”

Tan Sarihan, CEO, Desinnova

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