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Verticals: Education:: Timetable Management Software

The timetable management Software , is an application that automates the various scheduling activities of an institute/school and optimizes the use of premium resources. The time consuming and tedious task of making a Timetable is performed easily and seamlessly by the use of this software. The use of graphical wizards makes the generation of timetable (s) easy and user friendly. It would be more appropriate to name it Resource Manager as it optimally schedules the use of scarce resources.


Module Details

Here are the Module Details of Timetable Management Software:


Customize the Wizard
Enter details about teachers, subjects, and days in a week, periods in a day, rooms, and equipment.


The Worksheet
Allot resources for a period (of time).


Copy and paste one weeks time table for the next week. Make minor changes and save.


View and Print
View and print the generated time table by class, by teacher, by student or by room.


Security of data is of paramount importance. It is an irreplaceable asset. The software has two levels of security.Administrator can only grant permissions to users. This guards the organization against deliberate fraud.
Optimizing Resources
Premium resources like teachers, classrooms and computers are automatically utilized to the maximum.
When a teacher has to be absent himself at short notice the Timetable manager finds the most appropriate substitute.


Integration with other Softwares by Seasia Consulting

This is how Timetable Management Software integrates:
School Wizard - Silver is one of the parts of School Wizard - Enterprise Edition.
All software’s of the enterprise edition are seamlessly integrated.

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