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Seasia’s approach focuses on interactive, online, and personalized learning supported by revisions and test questions, thereby increasing confidence and consolidating learning. V-Learn is accessible to learners out of school/work hours, the service leads the way in learner-driven learning.
The service remains centered on promoting the interest and passion of learners, enabling them to learn online throughout the year, not just in the need of a certification or justv before the exams.
The service enables administrators/teachers/parents to be able to validate learners’ performance in the real-time.
V-Learn is web-based enterprise-wide Learning Management System. Being compliant with SCORM and AICC, this service is well positioned to assure success across a leading range of customer technology environment. On this service platform, you can:
Create your own courses or deploy any readymade SCORM/AICC compliant course.
Buy courses from the online library. The courses are created by Seasia on various subjects for a varied range of
Manage the learning of your people (employees or students).
Monitor the progress of the learners.
Keep away from buying expensive hardware or software to cater to your peoples’ learning needs.
Be sure of the safety of your data - Seasia is ISO 27001 certified.

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