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Services: QA and Testing:: Web Testing

Web testing focuses on the exhaustive testing of web applications. It refers to the complete testing of a web-based system and addressing issues before it go live. We concentrate on issues such as the usability and design, basic functionality and most importantly the security of the web application.


Why Web Testing? of a web application various internal and/or external factors produce un-controllable situations which sometimes are unavoidable. To overcome these situations we need to plan and test our web application so that a bug free system is revealed to the users.


Seasia’s Approach for Web Testing:

Creation of Test Plan and Test Cases:
We analyze the client’s requirement and create a Master Test Plan and Test Cases as per requirement.
User Interface and Usability Testing:
We perform user interface and usability testing to ensure the design and ease of use of the web application.
Functional Testing:
We perform functional testing by executing the complete set of test cases and business flows.
Compatibility Testing:
We test the compatibility across various Browsers e.g. IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari etc. and on different Operating Systems
Security Testing:
We ensure that the web application is “hacker proof” and all the transactions taking place are secure and robust.
Performance Testing:
“The more the net penetration is taking place the more net traffic is congested”. So, measuring server response time for the request has become more vital than before.
Data Integrity:
We ensure that the data stored is correct and accurate as the most vulnerable area in E-businesses is the collection and storage of highly valuable customer data.


Benefits You Will Get:

Improved website quality.
Security and reliability.
Improved site's layout, so it showcases relevant information only.
Raises on-site conversion, clicks, sales and visits.
Eliminates detracting and under performing elements e.g. bad links, buttons, text etc.
Defines a clear sales tunnel for your website.

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